Monday, July 30, 2012

Mixed Signals

I am afraid of bees. I have had the worst experience with them when I was a little girl. The feeling I get when I see one is much the same as seeing a dozen hives at the same time. The reaction on my end is but typical as I am not much fascinated with them – the buzzing sound alone irks me like crazy.

For someone who loves and are bee enthusiasts, seeing a bee or a hive gives them pleasure and joy. However, for someone like me, anxiety strikes in.

In the given scenario, though the same thing was seen (the bee), different signals were sent and interpreted by the brain.

Every person is different.

The way we feel and the way we interpret affect the way we react to external forces. Just like the scenario above, seeing face to face the things that irk or makes us happy solicits two different reactions.  The implication as understood by the brain varies from person to person. Thus, experience is an inevitable factor in the way we interpret.

Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) aims to know the secrets behind successful and effective people. It seeks to discover the reason behind the way they react and perceive things. What NLP wants is to determine whether characteristics, behavior and proficiency could be learned and eventually be duplicated.

The argument set forth by NLP encapsulates the idea that the words that we use is but a reflection of our subconscious mind. The interpretation emancipates from the idea that both the external and internal representations contribute to how we deal with our lives and with others as well.


The good thing about Neuro Linguistic Programming is that it directs its study to the totality of an individual-- holistic approach base on one’s perception, facial expressions, eye movements and thinking.  Analysis could result to reprogramming or restructuring of your current system base on the origins of your problem. I say problem as most people who undergo NLP and NLP Training aims to eradicate unhealthy vices, traits and some unwanted preconceived notions from past experiences that renders you immobile rather than furthering your development.

Another reason why NLP is helpful is that it seeks to transform your negative vibes to positive. The past would always form part of who you are. The past, though rendered done, could and would always play a big role on how you are now and who you would be in the coming years. NLP wishes to establish a fuller present and a brighter future by eradicating the past.

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