Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Adam, Eve and the Serpent

Of all the vices in the world, smoking is one hard habit to dissuade from. That act of putting that nicotine rich and aromatic piece of cigarette in between your lips, lighting it with your best lighter and inhaling the nicotine-filled smoke that emanates from your puffing action makes you crave for more. One, then two, and then three cigarette sticks in one sitting and you tell yourself you are not a chain smoker.

In today’s temptation filled world, you must exude control, discipline and patience to overcome any vices or repetitive behaviors that connote negativity. Though society dictates that to belong, you have to do what others are doing, it is also appropriate to remain true to yourself. The likes of smoking and drinking could be eliminated. How? Now that is the question.

Go back to the time when smoking was just a general thought and you have not tried sniffing or puffing a piece of cigarette. Go back when your fingers smelled rose salve and not that awful smell from cigarette smoke. Reminisce on the times wherein nothing smelled like burnt smoke when you get inside your car or that your dress or suit smell like ashtray and all those around think you stink.

Learn how to let go of your vice or vices. Indeed, there is no one foolproof step that could be followed or one sturdy process to undergo to eliminate undesirable behaviors. The best and only way to do it is for one to practice control and discipline. Practice.

It does not take a genius to understand that the reason behind your smoking, gambling, or excessive shopping or even binging roots from what society dictates.  Try to block unnecessary thoughts. Learn to say no to peers occasionally. Foremost, decide for yourself and stand your ground.

Temptations are inevitable facts. They would always be existing — whether we like it or not. Aspire to be the person you were before you were hooked on your vices. Grope on the past and rely on them. Further your positivity and empower your life.

Live a life of positivity. 

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