Thursday, July 26, 2012

Falling out of Love

“Never love anybody who treats you like you are  ordinary”

Oscar Wilde

For most, the hardest part of falling in love is eventually anticipating that there is going to be an end – in every beginning, there is an inevitable end. No matter how hard we try to turn things around, some things are really not meant to be.

I’ve been in the love bandwagon a couple of times and I say the experience is pretty awesome. Roller coaster rides are rendered dull and mundane as compared to the path of love. You meet someone, you feel the sparks, you fall in love, you feel the pain that comes along the territory and eventually fall out of love.  A vicious but lovely cycle that I would never get tired of traversing.

Falling out of love is a scenario wherein the effects could either pull you down or push you up. A friend told me once that it’s not the goodbye or the falling out of love that is heartbreaking but rather the transition from your past (the times that you were together) and having to face your present and your future (living your life without that special someone) alone.

Letting go is but a hard task to overcome but is feasible. It is time valued and for some, it could even be spatial. On my end, I go on a sabbatical leave and rediscover my life. Re-establish my connection with things or people I have taken for granted. Learn to love myself more than I have ever done. Live each day one step at a time.

While trying to distract myself, another friend of mine introduced me to a particular guide on how to fall out of love – the fast way. It talked about a particular technique that you could use to forget about your past together with all the negativity in your life. To wit:

1.     Come up with a list all of the POSITIVE things, traits or characteristics you like about your past;
2.     On another sheet of paper, come up with a list of all the NEGATIVE things, traits or characteristics from your past (I included even the littlest things that made me irk);
3.     Reminisce all your ‘good times’ together;
4.     Then, go over the ‘bad times’ one last time;
5.     Imagine the ‘bad times’ with you in it. Relieve the feelings, the situation and the emotions that came with it; and
6.     Now, think of your ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend, how do you feel about him or her?

The process very well reminded me of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP). Getting a head start by relieving all your past experiences with all the negative feelings with it and then living in the present and the future minus the negativity. The idea that we are all capable of living a life of ease is but achievable through NLP. It may not be easy but it is feasible.  

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