Thursday, July 5, 2012

Starting anew with NLP

The term Neuro Linguistic Programming is said to be doubtful or dubious. It is claimed that there is no such thing as Neuro - Linguistic – Programming. Epistemologically speaking, neuro refers to the neurons or activities in the brain, linguistic, on the other hand, deals with language while programming talks of activities utilized to mold and hone an individual – the likes of trainings, programs and seminars. Putting them all together, as some critiques claim, does not make any sense. For them, the term speaks of fallacy and of doubt-- nothing more and nothing less.

Neuro Linguistic Programming is not dubious. More so, it is not fallacious.  A particular concept or belief cannot be applied universally. It could be subscribed to by a majority and refuted by a minority, or vice versa, but never by the whole populace. Just like NLP, those who have undergone the training would agree that it works while others would argue the opposite.  

Neuro Linguistic Programming, in general, is a method and should be understood and taken as a whole. Being a method or approach that is applied in interpersonal and behavioral patterns, it should not be confused to be a cure. Some claim its success in curing phobias, weight loss reduction, smoking and other vices but the truth of the matter is that NLP is subjective and not objective. Thus, having said that, the success of NLP varies from person to person.

It is a fact then that NLP cannot help everyone at all times. Situations, needs, wants and desires are all but subjective and inevitably different from that of another person.

What the founders of Neuro Linguistic Programming aimed for was for a person to have satisfaction and success in life. Not to be taken in a holistic concept but rather on a scale that such an approach could be dealt and understood subjectively.

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