Sunday, July 15, 2012

Awareness and Acceptance

Man is but what he makes of himself. He is free and at the same time limited. He can be whom he want to be but with conditions. In other words, man is not limited.

Neuro Linguistic Programming or NLP deals with overcoming man’s weaknesses and transforming them into his strengths. The capability of man to overcome negativity is what sets him apart from the rest in the animal kingdom. Though man is rendered time based (for some, transition and coping up takes place over the course of a few years), he is still able to turn things around at his own phase.

Being aware of your situation is the first step in the process of change. Yes, change is a process –it takes time and patience and steps to overcome. However, all of them would be rendered moot and academic if man does not accept the reality that change brings.

Acceptance is but the hardest part in the transition process. Some cannot let go of the past while others does not want to let go of the past. There is a big difference between cannot let go and does not want to let go. Though both involve awareness, the former deals with “I am aware of them but I have to keep them here with me” while the latter means “I am aware of them but I do not want to let them go as they form part of my being.”

Neuro Linguistic Programming is by far a helpful method of teaching the self to transform and let go of the past (experiences and the likes). More so, NLP helps one to embrace the things you have and enhance them to have a better, brighter and fuller future.

Aiming for a better today and prosperous tomorrow should be the mantra of each and every one. Do not let your limitations or weaknesses be a hindrance. Rather, learn to transform them into something positive and embrace its outcome.

We shall not let the past hinder our growth and put a halt in our future. Learn how to embrace the negativity in you and transform them to positive. Learn NLP. 

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