Tuesday, July 31, 2012

From Me to You

Dear You, 

           For the past few weeks, you have had the opportunity to be happy – more than happy than you have been in months. The people you have had the chance to be with made sure that, by the time they drop you off, you are still all smiles from what have transpired. Simple conversations over coffee turned dull nights into a night full of laughter, teasing and nonsensical debates over the littlest things in the milky way. At last, you are able to hear genuine laughter and see the sparkles in your eyes once more.

Let go of your past and move on. I know, it is hard and the first step is always the hardest but at least try it. It is better to have tried than none at all. I keep telling you to not love more than you could but you would not listen. You went out of your way and gave it all. See what happened. He treated you like a piece of garbage and left you on the side of the road with nothing but the clothes and a bit of dignity on your back.

When things were starting to clear out, you suddenly fell for the next guy who made you smile. I must admit, he is a charmer and he treats you special. Still, be careful. You do not know what his intentions are or does he have any at all. Be careful of your heart and of yourself. I do not want to see you get hurt all over again.

Listen. Take time to stop and listen. However, do not take advices destructively – take them constructively. Let things and actions speak for themselves and take them as they are but do not read between the lines. Stay strong as you always have me.. I have your back and I will forever be by your side. Listen to me, for once, before you decide.

Moreover, please, do not be too hard on yourself. Lighten up. Do not be too uptight, ok?

Be thankful for the people around you. Appreciate them as you appreciate a good pair of platforms. I know, you are as impulsive as I am and it is a good thing to divert your attention to other stuff but still remember, temporary high is not happiness. Reflect on how things are and be happy. Genuinely.

Let him go. Both of them. Let them go. Clear your head. Ok?


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