Tuesday, July 31, 2012

From Me to You

Dear You, 

           For the past few weeks, you have had the opportunity to be happy – more than happy than you have been in months. The people you have had the chance to be with made sure that, by the time they drop you off, you are still all smiles from what have transpired. Simple conversations over coffee turned dull nights into a night full of laughter, teasing and nonsensical debates over the littlest things in the milky way. At last, you are able to hear genuine laughter and see the sparkles in your eyes once more.

Monday, July 30, 2012

Mixed Signals

I am afraid of bees. I have had the worst experience with them when I was a little girl. The feeling I get when I see one is much the same as seeing a dozen hives at the same time. The reaction on my end is but typical as I am not much fascinated with them – the buzzing sound alone irks me like crazy.

For someone who loves and are bee enthusiasts, seeing a bee or a hive gives them pleasure and joy. However, for someone like me, anxiety strikes in.

In the given scenario, though the same thing was seen (the bee), different signals were sent and interpreted by the brain.

Every person is different.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Falling out of Love

“Never love anybody who treats you like you are  ordinary”

Oscar Wilde

For most, the hardest part of falling in love is eventually anticipating that there is going to be an end – in every beginning, there is an inevitable end. No matter how hard we try to turn things around, some things are really not meant to be.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Success and Me

For starters, I am not one of those who believe in doing what others have done to be successful. I do not believe that there exists a pattern to be like him or her. What I believe in is that I, as an individual distinct and different from the rest, have a path of my own. I have my own map to follow – all I have to do is find my way through it with the help of everything I have in me and in my surroundings. To me, life is a vicious cycle of cause and effect brought about by one’s reasoning and liking.

Both internal and external factors contribute to my being. Not of others doing but of my own doing.

Insight on a person’s success

There are things and situations that we take for granted as we become obsess with what we see in the surface level. We deny the existence of the many contributing and mitigating factors existing.

To wit, the low down on the lives of the men and women who are doing well in their lives – both of today and of yesterday are beyond the obvious – something that we must embark on.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Adam, Eve and the Serpent

Of all the vices in the world, smoking is one hard habit to dissuade from. That act of putting that nicotine rich and aromatic piece of cigarette in between your lips, lighting it with your best lighter and inhaling the nicotine-filled smoke that emanates from your puffing action makes you crave for more. One, then two, and then three cigarette sticks in one sitting and you tell yourself you are not a chain smoker.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Embracing change through Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)

To curtail one’s freedom is like amputating their limbs, locking it in a safe box and throwing away the keys. Human’s as we are, we are enthralled by the things we see, hear, smell, taste and feel. For us, to believe means to experience it on our own and not mere stories or hearsays. Indeed, experience plays a vital role in our growth and development.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Cultivating the self

Perseverance and patience drives individuals to the zeal of things. In today’s context, both qualities require so much from an individual. In other words, perseverance and patience does not and could not be quantified in a person outright.

Believe in the power and the importance of cultivating the self. Value self-growth, self-acceptance and self-valuation.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Road To Reality

WHAT IF? A simple two (2)-word question that can stimulate even the littlest subconscious neuron in our brain. The question, though rendered wishful and hopeful in general, could also appertain to memories of the past, situations of the present and possibilities of the future.

In Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) parlance, it pertains to the possibility that could, would and should have been. Regret is but an inevitable part of human existence but the possibilities are but as limited as your imagination.

What it is that motivates us? | Embrace change for your own self and not for others or what the society dictates.

What is it that motivates us?
It should not be about material things or superficial highs in life. It should be about inner strength, inner peace and inner satisfaction that should motivate an individual to further nourish his life.

Life patterns and habits are the key to change.
Life patterns come in different shapes and sizes. Some may be life changing while some are not. As a result, we get used to things, circumstances and individuals that when a certain situation comes along, we just act on impulse. Moreover, because we act out of impulse, we tend not to think and just relieve past experiences regarding the situation. We filter our minds according to how we want the outcome to be. In other words, we alter the situation together with the effects in relation to how we want things to appear. And that should not be the case.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Love in the workplace

The reality of loving work is essential in the success of the organization. How does love translate itself in to an organizational agenda? Let us see. . .

Monday, July 16, 2012

Tad James: Living free

Dr. Tad James, MS, PhD. has been teaching Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Time Line Therapy® and Hypnosis for over 25 years.  He, together with his equally dynamic wife Dr. Adriana James, MA, PhD, founded the Tad James Co, an organization that practices and teaches NLP.  He further served as the president of the American Board of Hypnotherapy for over ten (10) years.  Dr. Tad James, Ms, PhD has also written seven (7) very successful NLP books.

Young Tad
Tad James was born and raised in Washington DC. His father, Preston James (then Chairman of the Geography Department at the Syracuse University) taught him traditional values and beliefs in life while his mother, Eileen James, taught him equality and that each of us has potential to create miracles. With such an upbringing, high expectations were set thus causing the young Tad to excel and be the most successful in whatever field he chooses to pursue.

“I never let my mind think bad thoughts.”
-Eileen James
Professional Tad
Tad James attended Syracuse University and graduated with a Masters Degree in Mass Communication. He began his professional career as a manager and soon managing his own radio station. Thereafter, becoming a consultant.

Dr. Tad James, MS, PhD
Tad James Co.
Tad and NLP
His perpetual social experience coupled with his strong positive background led him to discover useful communication techniques that could affect both the personal and professional lives of an individual. His curiosity led him to study Neuro Linguistic Programming or NLP and thereafter develop a discipline known as Time Line Therapy. His name has become synonymous with NLP and he has used his discovery to transform the lives of others.

In 1988, he published his first book entitled Time Line Therapy and the Basis of Personality®.

The Time Line Therapy® technique has become a respected and effective model for affecting positive change in the family, business and interpersonal career paths. Further, it has been used to help improve symptoms of post-traumatic stress in people living in war zone regions.

Tad James was the first NLP trainer to do Learn NLP Training in an accelerated format. More so, he designed and implemented the seven (7) day NLP training before anyone else. Further, his accelerated format for an NLP Practitioner in only seven (7) days (with pre-study) has later become the standard in the industry. 

Join Tad and Adriana James and discover the wonders of NLP, Time Line Therapy® and Hypnosis. Contact them through their website http://www.nlpcoaching.com/

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Awareness and Acceptance

Man is but what he makes of himself. He is free and at the same time limited. He can be whom he want to be but with conditions. In other words, man is not limited.

Neuro Linguistic Programming or NLP deals with overcoming man’s weaknesses and transforming them into his strengths. The capability of man to overcome negativity is what sets him apart from the rest in the animal kingdom. Though man is rendered time based (for some, transition and coping up takes place over the course of a few years), he is still able to turn things around at his own phase.

Being aware of your situation is the first step in the process of change. Yes, change is a process –it takes time and patience and steps to overcome. However, all of them would be rendered moot and academic if man does not accept the reality that change brings.

Acceptance is but the hardest part in the transition process. Some cannot let go of the past while others does not want to let go of the past. There is a big difference between cannot let go and does not want to let go. Though both involve awareness, the former deals with “I am aware of them but I have to keep them here with me” while the latter means “I am aware of them but I do not want to let them go as they form part of my being.”

Neuro Linguistic Programming is by far a helpful method of teaching the self to transform and let go of the past (experiences and the likes). More so, NLP helps one to embrace the things you have and enhance them to have a better, brighter and fuller future.

Aiming for a better today and prosperous tomorrow should be the mantra of each and every one. Do not let your limitations or weaknesses be a hindrance. Rather, learn to transform them into something positive and embrace its outcome.

We shall not let the past hinder our growth and put a halt in our future. Learn how to embrace the negativity in you and transform them to positive. Learn NLP. 

Modeling Behavior through NLP

What is Communication?

In the dictionary, communication (Latin word : “communis” which means to share) is best defined as the exchange of messages, information or thoughts either by speech (oral), visual (aids), signals (hand and body movements) or writing.

Communication entails five (5) components namely:
1.     Sender – one who gives or relays the message;
2.     Message – the intention, information or data needed to be communicated;
3.     Channel –  involves oral, writing or bodily movements;
4.     Receiver – one who would receive and interpret the message; and
5.     Feedback – the interplay of messages between individuals.
Noise – some people include this because through noise miscommunication emerges.

The communication process could only be perceived as complete if and only if there is understanding on the end of the receiver and the sender. In other words, feedback acknowledges the complete transfer of messages – the communication process is complete once the receiver has understood the message of the sender. Feedback is critical to effective communication between participants.

In fact, communication is but one of the most complicated topics or subjects around. To wit, communication is spatial – bounded by time and space. More so, it requires that parties to partake the route of communication must have a common ground – a common topic or a common interest. Thus, miscommunication results. 

NLP and Communication

Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) was developed based on how one interacts with himself and that of others. Effective communication means a healthier and fuller life. Thus, it is best to have an open communication line with oneself and with the others as well.

Having the ability to persuade the people around you, being able to deliver memorable and effective messages, boost your confidence, deliver clear and terse communication style and being able to recognize what was communicated is the raison d’être of  successful communication through NLP.

In NLP, communication partakes through the following steps:

1.     There is an external event (happenings, data exchange, bodily movements etc)
2.     We process the external event through our internal processing and come up with an internal representation of said event. (INTERNAL REPRESENTATION includes noise, feelings etc)
3.     The internal representation then combines with physiology to create a state. (STATE appertains to our moods)
4.     Accordingly, the external event seeps in through our sensory channels (touch, olfactory, auditory, visual, taste), filtered and is processed. In the event, information is at times removed, twisted, and simplified according to several elements that tend to filter our perception.

According to a study conducted at the University of Pennsylvania (1970), researchers found out that 7 % of what we communicate is the result of the words we say, 38 % from our verbal behavior and 55 % results from our nonverbal communication. (http://nlptimelinetherapy.blogspot.com/2012/07/time-line-therapy-letting-go-of-past.html)

Intrigued by the power of NLP and its effects in communication? Learn now!

Learning NLP in aid of communication is but a quintessential requirement in effectively molding a better present and a brighter future. Learn HOW NOW! Visit http://easynlp.com/

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Modern Hypnosis Certification in Melbourne

Tad James Co. would be having a 3-day Modern Hypnosis Certification training on the 20th until the 22nd of July 2012 in Melbourne, Australia. The training would be facilitated by Brad Greentree, a Certified NLP, Time Line Therapy® and Hypnosis Trainer and member of the American Board of Neuro Linguistics Programming (NLP).

The Modern Hypnosis Certification training is logically designed and is easy to master. It focuses on building your personal and professional success, allow you to create powerful motivational changes, eliminate stress and help you get rid of your vices.  

More so, the training is hands- on right from the start. You will learn by practice and not from watching DVDs after DVDs. Further, there is supervision by a Certified and experienced Hypnotherapist unlike that of the rest. Interaction between and amongst the trainer and participants plays a vital and inevitable part in the training.  Through this, both parties are able to communicate amongst each other, develop hypnosis techniques and grow together as a person, as a trainer and as participants in the said event.

The Tad James Co 3-day Modern Hypnosis Certification training curriculum includes a know how technique in conducting an interview, suggestibility testing, induction and some post-hypnotic suggestions.

Upon successful completion of the training, you will have the option of applying for Certification through the American Board of Hypnotherapy (ABH). With this, your certificate and certification would be recognized worldwide.

For those who want to receive their hypnotherapy certification, all you have to do is work through our suggested reading and complete a written test at home. Send it within two (2) months after completing your training and you will have your certificate.

Join the Tad James Co 3-day Modern Hypnotherapy Certification training and learn about the hypnotic world of hypnosis. Visit them at www.nlpcoaching.com for details.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Starting anew with NLP

The term Neuro Linguistic Programming is said to be doubtful or dubious. It is claimed that there is no such thing as Neuro - Linguistic – Programming. Epistemologically speaking, neuro refers to the neurons or activities in the brain, linguistic, on the other hand, deals with language while programming talks of activities utilized to mold and hone an individual – the likes of trainings, programs and seminars. Putting them all together, as some critiques claim, does not make any sense. For them, the term speaks of fallacy and of doubt-- nothing more and nothing less.

Neuro Linguistic Programming is not dubious. More so, it is not fallacious.  A particular concept or belief cannot be applied universally. It could be subscribed to by a majority and refuted by a minority, or vice versa, but never by the whole populace. Just like NLP, those who have undergone the training would agree that it works while others would argue the opposite.  

Neuro Linguistic Programming, in general, is a method and should be understood and taken as a whole. Being a method or approach that is applied in interpersonal and behavioral patterns, it should not be confused to be a cure. Some claim its success in curing phobias, weight loss reduction, smoking and other vices but the truth of the matter is that NLP is subjective and not objective. Thus, having said that, the success of NLP varies from person to person.

It is a fact then that NLP cannot help everyone at all times. Situations, needs, wants and desires are all but subjective and inevitably different from that of another person.

What the founders of Neuro Linguistic Programming aimed for was for a person to have satisfaction and success in life. Not to be taken in a holistic concept but rather on a scale that such an approach could be dealt and understood subjectively.

Be in the know and learn Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) with the best trainers in the field. Visit
easynlp.com  for details.

Time Line Therapy®: Letting go of the past

Learning how to have a richer and fuller life through Time Line Therapy®

Friedrich Nietzsche once said, “A man who dies before he dies does not die when he dies.” As much as we want to deny the reality behind this, it but speaks of the truth on how one deals with his life in general. Others refute that negativity from the past could be dealt with in the present and be brought to the future while others do not.

With Time Line Therapy®, letting go of the past could mean a richer present and a fuller future. Learning how to release negative emotions based on the past could do wonders on how one deal with himself, others and rest of the world. Why is this important? Time Line Therapy® helps you reprogram your entire system. This means evading all the negativity in you and transforming them to something positive that would help you increase your performance and improve your effectiveness in your personal and professional career. It utilizes a series of methods and techniques to bring out changes on an unconscious level. In other words, Time Line Therapy® teaches us not to be reactive in lieu of our stored memories from the past. Live in the now and forget about the yesterday.

Getting rid of what holds you back and gaining control over your life is what Time Line Therapy® is all about. Make the most out of your present and learn let go of your past for a brighter future.

Monday, July 2, 2012

NLP: The best days are ahead of me

With the eagerness to have a better, fuller and richer life, selecting Neuro Linguistic Programming or NLP is the best way to go. Neuro Linguistic Programming or NLP is a model of interpersonal communication which obtains to edify everyone in their personal development, self-awareness, communication and behavioral patterns. It seeks to attain changes and is said to treat depression, psychosomatic illnesses, phobias, and habit disorders. In business purposes, NLP is used for business communication, interpersonal influence, management training, coaching, team building and public speaking.

Through NLP, both the verbal and non-verbal responses of an individual are heeded and guided.  In addition, the longing outcome of the clients are applauded to be considered.   It also upholds the relationship between client and practitioner, heaps the information needed, creates tools, seminars and programs and incorporates changes of the client.

In terms of the NLP Certification, the variation of formats are inculcated which are included in the promotion of associations and the attainment of course certificates. Speaking of courses, NLP courses change depending on its institution. In Europe, the courses would take 2-3 days for hobbyist. On the other hand, to attain a professional level of competence, it would take 35-40 days or over 9 months to finish the NLP course. If you want to enroll, Tad James Co offers NLP courses. You might as well visit their website now.

If you want to improve your personal and professional life, learn and engage with NLP. Because in NLP, the best days are ahead of you! 

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Hypnosis: Getting hypnotically hypnotized by hypnosis

There is a reason why we call hypnotism or hypnosis hypnotic. To begin with, hypnosis has been defined as a method in aiding people make changes in their subconscious mind. The subconscious or unconscious level of the mind deals with the psychic activities just below the level of awareness or consciousness. In other words, hypnosis triggers certain repetitive and negative behaviors and converts them into something positive.

Coined by a Scottish surgeon, the word hypnosis came from neuro-hypnotism or nervous sleep. In other words, it is the opposite of normal sleep. A subject is induced towards a particular fixed attention wherein the mental, visual, kinesthetic and audio perceptions are altered.

Clinically and scientifically proven.  Hypnosis is a widely accepted and scientifically proven effective method of inducing change in the subconscious mind. Contrary to what have been said about hypnosis, although the peripheral awareness decreases, subjects are fully awake and focused. Thus, hypnosis is considered a natural way of changing and freeing our subconscious mind. 

Custom fit results. Whether a vice or an annoying attitude, hypnosis through hypnotherapy could help you get rid of it. The likes of quitting smoking, weight loss, stress reduction and even pain control could be eliminated.

Formulated by the best. At the Tad James Company, they not only train you to become NLP trainers and fill you with Time Line Therapy®  techniques but also teach you the art and science of Hypnotherapy. Taught by nonetheless Dr. Tad James, MS, PhD and his other half, Dr. Adriana James, MA, PhD, both considered and acknowledged as experts in the field of hypnosis, they will share with you techniques and secrets of the trade. All the trainers at the Tad James Co are certified thus, you get nothing but the best trainers in the world of Hypnotherapy.

Drs. Tad and Adriana James

Learn new ways to accomplish your goals, reach your objectives and improve your performance. Study hypnosis and see the difference. Do it the Tad James Co way.